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About us

The Precedential Group is an innovative community-based consultancy firm that improves the services and leadership capacity of organizations, agencies, schools, and individuals.  We seek to improve the way institutions service people in need thus creating (social) justice in underserved and undervalued communities. 
The Precedential Group uniquely blends consultancy services and direct programming to collaboratively implement community-oriented solutions. 

Improving the way institutions service people in need 

Strategic Planning



** Shifting organization strategy


** (re)Creating Corporate Culture


** (re)Envisioning the future of your organization


** (re)Defining organizational


Professional Development
Workshops and Trainings

** Empowering staff 

** Being sensitive to race, gender, age, and criminal justice experience


** From ‘hood to good’ - Transitional skills competency

** Leadership is nothing without Followership 

Panel and Meeting



** Workshop facilitation


** How to be an expert facilitator?

** New to the workplace


** Creating a client centric


** Curriculum development

Professional Coaching


** Managing how you want to be managed

** Creating fun in the workplace

** Getting the most out of your team

** Empowering to LEAD 

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